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2019 Ode to Women Entrepreneurs

January 2, 2019

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom, motivation for women entrepreneurs, women in sports, women business owners

The tiny snow crystals resting gently on the deck glistened in the new year’s sun rays began the first work day of 2019 off with a dazzling start. I sat quietly in the absence of sound on this clear morning awakening to the first thoughts of a new work year ahead. I didn’t want to rush a few minutes of morning contentment to jump into work. I needed a few more brilliant daybreak thoughts to enlighten the first Wednesday Wisdom of the year.

With my face towards the January sun wearing a new red hat – made especially for me from a woman who wanted my alopecia stricken head to stay warm, and a soothing cup of cinnamon Starbucks in my clear coffee mug, I asked myself what I wanted professionally for 2019. The quiet of this first sunny morning outside on my precious deck was the best place to listen to what my future holds.

As I listened to my own voice repeat what I wanted, I turned it into an “Ode” for all my faithful followers and entrepreneurial female friends who might want to live the same way this year. It is not the type of ‘wisdom’ a billionaire or world famous star would suggest but it’s something a 25 year, 54 year old woman entrepreneur prescribes for the women she knows and cares about. Here it is:

    2019 Ode For Women Entrepreneurs

I invest in quiet mornings to mentally create the day’s priorities with intention.
I embrace an unrushed pace of awakening as I ease into my passionate work schedule.
I seek up for strength and enlightenment.
I invest in still moments for reflection.
I hold close my personal mission so it unfolds with the beauty of the day.
I recognize all is well when I live focused on helping others succeed.
I crave movement to fill my body with health and endomorphins.
I eat healthy knowing my body and brain needs fortitude.
I recognize a deep desire for changing the world for the better.
I inspire through words of wisdom and hope.
I lift up the world in every small act I perform.
I share love with those in my everyday life.
I speak positively to all I meet.
I am kind and caring to my fellow woman and man.
I give when I can, to as many people as I can.
I honor myself and others in the work I perform every day.

I hope you keep this “ode” someplace close every day in 2019. May you know, understand and appreciate I am personally and professionally here to help guide and uplift you in your women’s work and life. There is so much we can do individually and together to change the world. Let’s begin anew today and every morning after.

Happy Wednesday. Happy 2019. Happy You.

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