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Thursday Thoughts: Let Wit and Compassion Lead The Way

November 15, 2018

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs, businesswomen and women in sports

I thank my father for my sense of wit. My sister Bre’ has it too. It must be one of those really cool genes passed down from generation to generation for the good of humankind. As easily as it is to write inspirational posts, I can easily drop a witty comment making most people laugh at the drop of a dime. I didn’t realize I needed my sense of humor this morning.

As I entered Cosco to pick up some items for Thanksgiving, I didn’t have my membership card so I proceeded to the front desk for a temporary one. I was dressed in my Boston Marathon jacket and New York Yankees dark blue baseball cap and jeans. I suppose I looked quite sporty but that’s how I like it since I’ve lost all my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to Alopecia. I just don’t like wearing wigs even though when I see myself in one, I think I look pretty good again.

The front desk lady asked me for my license to confirm my membership, as she handed it back to me she said, “How did you lose it?” to which I replied, “I lost it all to alopecia see how long and lovely my hair is in this photo?” She said, “No, I meant your membership card. How did you lose your membership card?” I chuckled and told her my husband says to me all the time,”Everything revolves around your hair or lack of it!”

After shopping, I approached the checkout register where the woman working it said, “Hello sir, how are you today?” I looked at her stunned and with my quite female voice said, “I’m fine” as she looked at me again realizing her mistake.

It was the first time someone has mistaken me for a man and it took me back. I know menopause hasn’t been especially kind to my once slender, and now round, Italian body and alopecia has stripped my female identity from me and now to the public. After she realized her mistake, she was overly generous with compliments. I didn’t blame her. I get it. I chose to wear my dark blue sporty outfit and not my traditional pink hats and shirts. Maybe the comment was due to me for being so pro-female in business, sports and life for so long.

Just as people can misjudge someone based on their looks quickly or ask a question without thinking, it is just as easy for people to be kind and empathetic to strangers. When I think back on my morning trip, there were also unexpected smiles, pleasant interactions and nice conversations with other strangers. In the end it is not the negative things we should hold onto that happen to us, but rather the unexpected positive ones. Let wit, compassion and light lead our way today and every day this holiday season.

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