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Wednesday Wisdom: “No More As Is”

October 31, 2018

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, female business owners, female athletes, women

“No more as is. Change the world” was on a green card in a special inspirational calendar a woman entrepreneur gave me a few months ago. Every day is a different quote with different meanings. I suppose it is similar to each weekly Wednesday Wisdom. As today’s quote glared at me, as if I had to answer it, I said to myself, “Gosh, I always live in a space of ‘change the world’ so what does it mean especially for me today?”

As I contemplated the card again, the words “No More As Is” came to the forefront. Hmmm….there are some “No More As Is” for me right now. I bet it’s the same for most women reading today’s wisdom. If you contemplate your life or business using the words “No More As Is” what comes to mind? Could it mean no more excuses when it comes to making sales calls or not another day goes by without revising your business plan? Does it mean less work and more time for personal relationships or vice versa. There are a thousand “No More As Is” in our lives; but today why does it make you pause when you hear these four words?

For some of the feminist women in our organization and community it might mean, “No More As Is” by not showing up at the polls or deciding to volunteer for a female candidate running for office or standing up to pass an important law. For the women in sports in our organization it might suggest, “No More As Is” training for the next race or settling for small goals or committing to a healthier diet. We all get to a point when we know “enough is enough” aka “No More As Is!”

The change you make today might not be something to literally change the global world; but it might be the most important thing you do for yourself that feels like you have changed the world for the better. Why not try?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to list that one thing that needs to be changed and then ask yourself these questions: What will it take to change what I know needs to change and refuse to recess back into the old habit or circumstance? Who do I need by my side to help me or don’t I need anyone because I can do it myself? What is the date or time I want this action to begin and end?

If you have more than one thing you want to change, list them in a journal or on paper next to your computer where you see it every day.

Commit right now to what that “No More As Is” is for you. If it ends up changing you as much as you think, it might just change the world too.

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