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Wednesday Wisdom – Invest in Energy!

October 18, 2018

Inspiration and Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, women in sports, women in business

24 hours ago the sun was shimmering off the East River, on the lower east side of New York City, into my face as I wrote this Wednesday Wisdom knowing I would be traveling home and getting the weekly inspiration in a touch late. At the time, I was writing it on my son’s porch perched on the 22nd Floor of an apartment building. I glanced below at the racing cars, honking taxis and sputtering boat moving people across the River. It was loud but it was energy.

Life has energy. Work takes energy. Where you live and what you do for a living can increase or decrease personal energy in positive and negative ways. The last three days I witnessed the ebb and flow of my two sons’ and one brother’s energy as they tried to meet me since I was in town for a conference. My brother who works as a designer in Ralph Lauren had been working to 10 p.m. each night of the week “distracted and fried” as they launched a new social media account, so he couldn’t meet me.

My oldest son commutes half his week to Connecticut to assist in surgeries and those days he spends most of his time transferring between bus and subway putting in long hours standing on his six foot four inch frame. He is wiped out on Connecticut days. My youngest son is working to the grindstone on his first big engineering project so he could only see me at dinner. Do you feel tired for these guys as I type? I sometimes think life in Upstate New York can be frantic with entrepreneurial deadlines, sales projects and even “our traffic” on the highways; but what I witnessed, walked in, drove in and taxied around in, was nothing compared to where we live and work.

Although we run our companies in a calmer environment, sometimes depending on the time period of life we are in, changes in work intensity based on a specific stage in business, as we age or because we have been in the same place doing the same thing for too long, our vibe drastically changes. If you are in this place make sure you recognize it and embrace, change or energize it. I suggest if you need the rush back or relaxation, schedule a business trip to learn new skills, be inspired by a new environment or simply change the pace of your current situation.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is an opportunity to focus on your energy and your company’s energy. Is it rising or falling or staying even? If it is too low, what do you need to do to rise it up? If you are too high and can’t calm down, what can you do to settle yourself and pace your work to keep yourself sane? If you are going with the flow, analyze what is working and keep it going that way.

Sometimes you must focus and invest in your energy to adjust it as needed to keep pace with your current life style, future goals or changes in the near future. I promise you will become more happy and joyful in the midst of living life and being a successful woman entrepreneur in all the ways that count.

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