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The Day of the Girl

October 11, 2018

Inspiration for women on the The Day of the Girl

After seeing this morning’s announcement by Former First Lady Michelle Obama on the Today Show about her new Global Girls Alliance, with an outside audience lined with girls of all ages from all over the globe, I was inspired to write one more post today to honor her charge to us on the The Day of the Girl.

Although my focus in business is focused on women more than girls, I never stop trying to inspire my young nieces, Lexie, Lauren, Faith, Ramona and Maude who are age 16-4. Any chance I have to lift them up and tell them to believe strongly in their character, power and pink energy, I do. Every time I am with them, I remember the girl in me who made her own mark at an early age looking to older females to inspire and guide me with words of wisdom and action. I would not be who I am today if the women in my life didn’t believe in my “girl power” at an early age.

So when it’s The Day of the Girl, I want to celebrate it in honor of all the fantastic young girls in my life, the young female adults I meet and mentor and the grown up girls who have turned into fantastic women. If women love where they are in life, they should use this day to inspire the girls in their lives.

It doesn’t require a lot of time, money or effort, just a strong pink heart willing to reach out to our female youth and encourage them to be all they can be. We should motivate them to try to do anything a boy would do from playing sports to taking an engineering course. When they get old enough to apply for a job, they need to ask for equal pay so they aren’t disadvantaged from the start of their work life. When they become young married women, we should talk to them about our experiences in the world force so they don’t face any discrimination or #metoo moments.

Women who support women should also be women who support girls who need a positive light in their lives and a good example of a strong woman making a difference in the world. If they see us and we see them, what a powerful pink bond and future we can produce for women and girls together.

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