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What Triumph Means to Women in Sports – Thanks Tiger for the Inspiration

September 24, 2018

Inspiration and wisdom for women in sports, women, female athletes, women entrepreneurs

Monday’s are the day I write about women in sports or discuss ways sports can inspire and influence women’s lives. The playing fields are not just for men even though they have dominated sports for decades leading up to women having more equality in playing time and opportunity since 1972 when Title IX was signed into law.

Today I had to write about yesterday’s experience because I woke up still envisioning the massive crowd of spectators following Tiger Woods to the 18th hole to witness his ultimate golf comeback after six years of hardship due to his own poor personal choices and back surgery in a sport where mindset and physical prowess go hand in hand. As a pro-female focused woman, you might assume I could care less about Tiger’s comeback; well I think his victory would have been less poignant to me if I wasn’t battling personal struggles of becoming bald this past summer due to alopecia. Training for a triathlon was the main reason I got out of bed each morning to either swim, bike or run allowing endomorphins to ignite my spirit. Sports are where I turned to see if time away from work would rebalance my heath allowing my hair to grow again.

Just like Tiger’s story, it hasn’t been forward progress all the time with this disease; it’s been moments of optimism and then defeat when hair that grew in fell back out again. I also had to accept the health condition I was given and live with it best I could. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without waking up each morning to start my day off with sports and a goal to compete in my first triathlon alongside my sister. The goal was taken away when Hurricane Florence ruffed up the waters and threw her anger into the wind canceling the event too close to the storm. Although I was ready to swim a ½ mile in the wild ocean like the fighter I am, the event producers and state officials weren’t.

I’m still waiting for my hair to grow as I transition back to work with the prospect of facing the world o’natural with my signature pink hats covering my bald head or moving into wigs. As Tiger removed his hat yesterday to rub sweat away from his balding head (he has way more hair than I do) and a full crowd behind him cheering on his victory, it gave me hope imagining I’ll be back on top of my entrepreneurial game one day hopefully with a full head of dark brown hair flowing in the wind. Like him, I hope victory will be mine as well.

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