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Wednesday Wisdom: Women Evolve Every Day

September 19, 2018

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs and Women

The past fourteen years of writing this inspirational weekly wisdom for women entrepreneurs has been my own unique perspective on the world of women in business. After twenty three years as a woman entrepreneur, I understand the essence of branding and know most women think of me when it comes to women entrepreneurs. I have been boldly focused on women for almost a quarter century and especially on women entrepreneurs for fourteen years with Women TIES, five years on women in sports with our Women’s Athletic Network, and since the 2017 Women’s March to DC with our Equality Division.

I love opening my morning email to find questions about where to find business support at the state level for women expanding their companies or women looking for a business connection in another part of the state. This summer I enjoyed poolside chats where women entrepreneurs shared their business hopes, dreams and goals and asked my advice. If there is one thing I know for sure now, more than ever before, is women are the center and focus of my life’s mission and business.

Yesterday a past member, who has moved to another state, responded negatively to my Tuesday blog post about women’s equality. She said, “I always loved your group and have been a member for a long time until you became radically political – politics does not belong in business.” I answered her with this simple message, “I am pro woman period. I take that perspective and write and produce events in any subject including women in business, sports and equality.” I understand her insight since I tried to focus only on my “women entrepreneurship” brand for years. But on the way from being 30 to 53 years old and talking to thousands of women I’ve encountered facing other inequalities in life; I evolved to support all things women.

If you have been following me a long time you might feel the same way. I honor your decision to stop following me if you are only interested in posts about women entrepreneurs; but if you are interested in other women’s issues in sports and equality, then stick with me. I can’t go backwards only forward. There is too much work to advance, rise up and secure equality for women. I don’t consider this ‘radical politics’ rather ‘bold love, support and activism for women.’

So today’s Wednesday Wisdom are words from Louise L. Hay to inspire you to evolve in any area of your life or business. We don’t remain the same women with the same exact mission. We learn and grow. In ‘evolve’, is the word ‘love’ so don’t forget to love yourself for evolving. I believe we expand positively towards a better, more complete self so embrace that truth and remain positive.

“Moving Forward”

In the Infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.
I am always divinely protected and guided.
It is safe to look within me. It is safe for me to look at the past.
It is safe for me to enlarge my viewpoint on life.
I am far more than my personality – past, present or future.
I now choose to rise up, above, my personality problems to recognize the magnificence of my being.
I am totally willing to learn to love myself.
All is well in my world.

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