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Life Presents Us with the Right to Vote

September 13, 2018

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs, females in sports

It is the middle of the most beautiful cloudless September day in Upstate New York so it was difficult to pull myself away from poolside where I was writing upcoming business presentations on women in business and sports to go vote in the primary election. As I drove with a brilliant blue sky above me, I contrasted it in wearing a pink hat, pink sunglasses and pink company shirts that says, “Women Supporting Women in Business, Sports, Equality and Life.” Today the shirt is reflective of my decision to vote for as many women as I can on the ballot for purposes of equality in elected positions and as part of my American life.

The polls opened at noon. I arrived at 1 p.m. The parking lot was mostly empty except for a “VOTE HERE” sign in the lawn. I entered the quiet building to find 3 women sitting together waiting for action. I greeted them with my typical upbeat female spirit telling them I was there to make sure I voted for women on the ballot and explaining why. I think I entertained them for a moment breaking up their quiet moment. I took my ballot went to the table and circled my choices. When I entered my ballot, I noticed I was the 16th ballot being entered. 16! Yikes! I know the polls had only been open for a short period of time but it shocked me. I said goodbye to the women and told them it was wonderful they were volunteering their time; then I went outside and immediately made a video message to inspire other women who follow me to get out and vote.

I know primary elections can have fewer voters. I also know sometimes candidates win elected office by one or two votes. I mostly know people I speak with are not happy with the way America is being led so if we aren’t going to run for office ourselves, we owe it to the women who are to get out there and vote for them! It is essential we exercise our right to vote in this beautiful free country of ours and for women willing to dedicate their lives to representing us.

As the blue sky fades to a beautiful pink one this evening as the sun sets, I hope the women who voted are proud they did. Its one distinct way we have a say in our democracy.

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