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Looking Forward to Seeing Pink in October

September 6, 2018

Women TIES believes in women supporting women in business, sports, equality and life. Thursday blog posts are ways women can support women in life issues.

I was sitting in a beautiful conference room when a young woman in her thirties sharing her cancer story with the audience. She was part of a speaker series to lift women up in business. Her smile and positive energy was inspiring. As she shared her personal story of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her early twenties only to find out she also had cancer in a couple other parts of her body, the room got quiet. As the story progressed, we learned she beat the cancer diagnosis and started a company called Positively Pink Packages. Her organization takes the best information, coping tools and comfort aides and puts them all in one place for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients around Central New York.

I have met many amazing women in my two decade career as a woman entrepreneur, but Jennifer Tom Founder of Positively Pink Packages, was extra special. There is something so welcoming in who she is and what her organization provides. Jennifer shared the statistic that one in four women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t know anyone diagnosed with breast cancer until I met Jennifer; but every year since women have told me they were just diagnosed, recovering or back in an active state of the disease. Since I serve women, it has been more of a priority to share Positively Pink Packages’ services and to support breast cancer awareness. One woman diagnosed with breast cancer is too many, but knowing four women every year who are diagnosed is startling.

An NFL football with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month logo sits on the field during an NFL football game between the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos(AP Photo/David Richard)

Whether it is in business, sports or life issues like breast cancer, women are supporting women in their struggles and successes because women are amazing human beings with a lot of love and light to share. With October comes Breast Cancer Awareness Month when NFL players wear bright pink socks or shoes to show their support for the cause. Don’t just think it is another marketing ploy because there are many women who don’t know they have breast cancer yet or in the throes of recovery. Instead talk about the importance of reminding women about breast cancer exams, research being conducted and organizations like Positively Pink Packages for helping women.

I love the color pink because it represents women. I love the color pink more in October because it represents supporting the women I care about through breast cancer and knowing they will survive and thrive!

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