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America Needs More Female Voices At The Table

June 25, 2018

Inspiration for women, female business owners, women athletes and feminists

Looking through recent memories of May travels to London and Paris, I found a photo my son took of me standing under England’s great suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst statue. I learned about Emmeline watching the movie Suffragette a couple years ago and it inspired me to be even more vocal about my feminist spirit and helping women get elected. I jumped for joy finding her statue right outside our hotel room next to Westminster Abbey.

I traveled to England earlier in the week to compete in the Women Can Marathon during the 100th Anniversary of women’s right to vote in England. I had forgotten until seeing the photo again that my marathon medal was a voting box and ballot to commemorate England’s 100th Suffrage Anniversary. Sometimes everything in life lines up just perfectly to produce an “Aha” moment and receiving the special feminist themed medal and finding Emmelin’s statue reminded me that I have a pre-destined mission to stand up and support women in business, sports, equality and life.

Like so many other Americans, mothers, Catholics and compassionate people, the Mexican border crisis has bothered me. I simply do not understand why and how our government can allow such inhumane treatment to families especially mothers who I identify with the most. I was raised to be a generous and compassionate woman welcoming everyone at our dinner table – single mothers, priests, gay artists, African American student teachers, deaf students, and even homeless, toothless men. I was gifted and shown what a compassionate heart looks and acts like. This is the America I wish I lived in now.

The feminist in me believes with 100% certainty that until we have more than 50% women as politicians in our country, we will not be able to change the world, politics and policies for the better. There needs to be a female voice at the table, in board rooms, in congress, in office and when policies are being made to bring a kinder, gentler, more female focused, open hearted, compassionate and intelligent way to run this country and world.

I tell people that I vote “PINK” and I do. I vote for as many female politicians as I can especially those I trust and believe can make a difference locally, regionally and nationally. If I could vote Internationally, I would vote for women too. If I was around when Emmeline Pankhurst was working so hard for women’s right to vote, I’m positive I would have joined her efforts.

So today I ask you to please consider supporting female politicians, leaders and committee members first and foremost so we can even out the state of affairs bringing more compassion, intellect and feminine light into the world. We need women!

P.S. If you live in Onondaga County, SouthWestern Oswego County or Cayuga County and you are a registered Democrat, please vote in the Democratic Primary for Juanita Perez Williams to run against the Republican incumbent in November. First of all, we MUST exercise our right to vote and second Juanita is someone I believe in to represent CNY well. She has experience, expertise, schooling and knowledge to fight for us. #VoteJuanita. Thank you.

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