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Wednesday Wisdom: One Sweet World

June 6, 2018

Inspiration and Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

It all began one day when my 18 year old sister was traveling west by van with her boyfriend after high school graduation. Being the oldest of her sisters, I worried as you can imagine as she set out for California. Off she drove into the sunset one afternoon to return a couple months later after the adventure was over. One of her stories involved seeing a new rock band named the “Dave Matthews Band” while in San Francisco. Next thing I knew Woodstock 1999 was happening in my hometown of Rome, New York and the Dave Matthews Band was one of the groups performing. I wanted to be a really cool older sister (we are 15 years apart in age) so I bought tickets to Woodstock and headed out for an epic day.

The moment I heard DMB, as they are known to their fans, perform I fell in love with their sound. It was a hot July day bopping to tunes with 400,000+ hippies and joyous people. At that event, I became a passionate Dave Matthews Band groupie just because I was trying to be a chill sister. Last night as DMB performed in Syracuse, I attended my 25th concert with great VIP seats and a much closer view than I had the first time I saw the band play. I was as happy listening to them last night as I was when I was 33.

(circa 2012) Through the years as my sons grew, my husband and I brought them to the concerts. We even celebrated my son’s 21st birthday at the Boston Garden in the Pit standing for hours. I would also take one of them individually with me as a special treat. Their passion for the band has grown too. I definitely exceeded the love for Dave Matthews past my sister who only listens to them periodically and never saw them perform live again in concert. At the moment, I am listening to a live concert of theirs and I’ll run to their music in my ears later today. They just simply make me happy. I can’t imagine my life without their music. I used to joke with my husband saying I’m “taking Dave” on the trip with me to Boston to pick up our son. I take “Dave” everywhere.

My passion for being an event planner and starting my first business was born in 1995 about the same time as my passion for running started. I not only created a second human but a business and a love for fitness. I never thought I would be a runner or run a business but the passion arose from years of watching others do those things. I suppose the message in today’s writing is whether you are consciously thinking about something new that’s starting to burst in your heart might have existed there for awhile just waiting for the right time to appear?

Many of the Women TIES members are women in their second stages of life as emptynesters, grandparents, or recovering from menopause with a new lease on life (and maybe a few more pounds and energy to burn). Perhaps our current passion continues as we move forward but maybe new passions start tugging at the heart strings. I have learned it is okay to embrace the deep knowing of your heart and let what lies within it grow anew.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is a contemplative one. Are you still passionate about your life and business? Do you have new desires fueling your heart? Has your life changed enough that it warrants re-looking at your personal and business plans? Do you need to surround yourself with women experiencing similar experiences and common passions?

One of my favorite Dave Matthews Band songs is “One Sweet World” which Dave actually played last night in concert. I believe we create for our own lives if we constantly listen to our passions, take ‘notes’ from those around us and allow our spirits to grow as we do. circa 2011

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