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Being Fearless on an Average Monday

April 9, 2018

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs and female athletes on a Monday

It is the second Monday of my medical sabbatical and the 23 year woman entrepreneur in me finds it difficult to not think about jumpstarting my work week like I’ve done for two decades. I glance at the clock and realize I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything today really because I am giving myself three months to get my health back in order with my only duty to run and write every day. The logical decision to follow my body and not my head and heart is a tricky one for someone who is ultra passionate about her work and love for her clients.

I contemplate doing a brisk run up my road to stay in shape for the only event I have planned for this sabbatical – a 6.5 mile hilly run in England with women from Malta, Switzerland and England as part of 261 Fearless “Women Can Marathon” Team created after the inspiration of Kathrine Switzer. I started working part time for 261 Fearless a year ago helping them with marketing and communication to grow their brand and clubs in the USA. I have loved the concept of 261 Fearless since meeting the founders in November 2015 in New York City. It was “love at first sight” for me when it came to this global organization of passionate women who love running.

I turned on my Facebook to check on messages when I found inspiring “fearless” advice from 4 of Australia’s best female sports champions interviewed by Sophie Tedmanson, one of our 2018 261 Fearless Boston Marathon team members, at the Commonwealth Games over the weekend. She interviewed Dawn Fraiser a multiple Olympic Games gold medalist; Natalie Cook an Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist and a World Olympians Association campaigner for women in sport; Lisa Curry an Olympian & Commonwealth Games swimming champion; and Michelle Payne, who in 2015 became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

These women, who excelled in their sports over different decades from the 1950s to now, kindly let Sophie interview them for her 261 blog and discussed breaking down gender barriers, returning to professional competition after motherhood, and, of course, what makes them Fearless.

Here is what they said about being fearless to jump start your Monday with motivation whether it’s being fearless in entrepreneurship, business, sports or even taking a medical sabbatical:

* Fearless means really wanting to win at something and not being content to stay on the sidelines but to fight for that win.
* Fearless means when people say you can’t do something, you do it anyways!
* Fearless is when your desire to accomplish something stronger than your fear.
* Fearless is knowing what you want and knowing it will be hard because you aren’t doing it for fun, you are doing it to be the best.
* Fearless is about finding new adventures to motivate you in every aspect of your life.
* Fearless is being confident.

I am going to take that run up the road, write some more today, continue to think about ways I can help promote the members of my company Women TIES and 261 Fearless while I take care of my health. I know with confidence that I’m stronger than any fear that swishes around in my mind about this temporary medical leave because I am fearless. Thank you to all the fearless women in this blog post today that inspire me.

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