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What it Takes To Accomplish Your Biggest Challenge

March 16, 2018

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, female athletes and small business owners.

Last year at this time I was training to run in my first marathon – the historic, iconic Boston Marathon. It didn’t matter how much snow was falling from the sky or how cold the temperatures, I had to get outside and run to ‘put in the miles’ needed to train my body and mind to run 26.2 miles. Treadmill running only takes you so far in training. The outside elements and curvature of the roads are essential to prepare your lungs and legs.

What I remember most about taking on the biggest goal of my life was the innate focus that came along with preparing for running a marathon. Running had to become an essential part of my everyday routine to be ready. I had to focus harder in business to get work done so I could go out for long runs during the day. In my personal life, I needed to save down time to spend with my family on non-long day weekend days and I had to treat my body with the perfect amount of food and water to be healthy enough to run for 6 hours.

As a woman entrepreneur, I have experienced that focus when I launched my two companies and when I added new services and benefits to help my customers. Dedicating a part of your life to any big purpose takes more than gleeful hope, it takes blood, sweat and tears. If you are a woman entrepreneur today facing a big business challenge or even a first time marathoner, dig deep, set a workable plan, stick to the plan and schedule the extra time you need to accomplish the challenge. Make sure you enjoy the journey no matter how hard days may become because in the end you will have accomplished something that amazes other people and even yourself.

What I can tell you today, as I watch other runners I know prepare for the 2018 Boston Marathon, is I wish I had to do it all again, train and run it. Not only to be a part of the most iconic race in America but to test my will, body and spirit and remind myself any big goal in life is possible.

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