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Women’s History Month Inspiration

March 1, 2018

Inspiration for women and women entrepreneurs during Women’s History Month

Memories of strong and soft-hearted women who created the tapestry of my life came flooding forward like a river overflowing with spring rain as I turned the calendar to March 1st, the start of Women’s History Month (my favorite month of the year).

Images of my female sixth grade teacher who sent me out in the hall all the time because I had an “effervescent” personality which followed up with a visit to the principal’s office where his secretary kindly told me I had the most beautiful lip color to soften yet another disciplinary visit. Memories of my Aunt who would hire me to polish silver and iron clothes because I wanted to earn money at a young age. Professional images of my first female boss, a woman in her 40’s when I was only 22, who demanded excellent work and yet took her all-female staff out on boat rides to treat us.

Every older woman who played a role in my life – my mother, aunts and grandmothers – taught me valuable lessons that wove me into the woman I am today – a very proud pro-female advocate and supporter of women. How could I have turned out differently after interacting with such unbelievable women all my life as shining examples of strength and softness combined?

When people ask me why I have so strongly supported women throughout my life, it is because we can be tough but at the same time kind. We can intellectually attack a problem without having to attack people. We can be gracious without being weak. Our female DNA has created sensitive, well meaning, smart women who can listen, care, compromise and lead. I am thankful for the two X chromosomes running through my body, mind and spirit every day.

Whether it’s Women’s History Month or not, my history – and I would suspect yours too – has been greatly impacted by women. Let’s never stop lifting up our sisters because the world desperately needs more maternal tones and influences in every single arena – business, education, sports, and politics.

Today as Women’s History Month begins be mindful of the women who have made a positive impact in your life and in our world. Reflect momentarily on the sometimes negative tones of today’s environment and then take a cue by pledging to yourself and your customers to be a positive, shining beacon of reason, insight and knowledge as you lead. The world is harsh enough without its leaders adding insensitivity to the mix. Guide with a warm, caring heart and strong personal brand and your followers will notice.

During Women’s History Month remember these words of Coretta Scott King, “Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.”

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