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Inspiring International Influences

February 7, 2018

Wednesday Wisdom, inspiration and success strategies for women entrepreneurs and small business owners

For the next few weeks we delve into an international world as the Olympics commence in PyeongChang, South Korea. The colorful Olympic opening night will illuminate our eyes with sights of different looking flags, people of all colors and South Korean artistic culture. We will search for our American flag and our team donned in red, white and blue suits, made by Ralph Lauren (where my brother designs) with heating elements to keep our gifted athletes warm in brutally cold temperatures. An athlete with an entrepreneurial mind must have thought of that innovative idea.

Most days we get up and look outside onto our “postage stamp size” lawn within a neighborhood in one small part of our city which is a hundredth section of one medium size state in our country which is on one continent of seven across our globe. We live small because realistically that is what our demographics give us. It is large International events like the Olympics when we live much larger for two weeks.

Entrepreneurial history kept women business owners living small when our corner stores was dependent on foot traffic, local newspapers printed advertisements, and trusted word of mouth testimonials were golden. Now women entrepreneurs sell on the Internet to universal customers, advertise on the “world wide web” and use testimonials in social media marketing sources. Just like the Olympian athletes this week, smart entrepreneurs should be seen globally to achieve new customers, friends and followers.

This weekend I am traveling to Boston to meet my good friend Inga Fanney from Iceland who came to the USA to meet American travel companies to market her Iceland Adventure trips. I have already connected her to a few women owned travel agencies. In May, I am running in an all women marathon with female teammates from Switzerland, England and Australia to display the international flavor of My first trip across the pond will be as colorful as the Olympics when I run with these women. What are you doing to infuse international influences into your life?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to encourage you to think about opening your life to a more global world. If you don’t belong to an international organization of some kind, consider it. If you haven’t mastered social media programs that open your world to women across the globe, learn how. If you don’t think you’ll benefit from living and working globally, ask women who are and be inspired.

I hope you watch the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang with new business eyes. I also encourage you to cheer on New York’s own Erin Hamlin, a female luger from Remsen, New York near Utica. I already signed up for her personal watch alerts which you can do too at this link. Let’s cheer on a “local” New York State girl going for her second Olympic medal on the biggest international stage there is and dream of doing the same in business.

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