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Women: Speak Out, Tweet and Blog What’s On Your Mind

January 30, 2018

Inspirational Words of Wisdom for women and women entrepreneurs

I haven’t stopped thinking about the messages so artistically delivered at the Grammy’s on Sunday night. I was moved for many reasons and then reminded by news networks as they reiterate the significance of the women who took the stage to lend their voices to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Pink and Keisha along with her sister support network of women including Cindi Lauper, Andra Day, Camila Cabelo, were just a few of the women who rocked the stage and delivered powerful performances aimed at uplifting and supporting women.

Yesterday when I received a message from about “The People’s State of the Union” address streaming live on Facebook at 8 p.m., I joined 9K people at one point listening to the words and songs of the performers. Once again Andra Day was singing but this time she sang, “Rise Up,” one of my favorite songs as I prepared for the March on Washington last year. Rise Up has been the statement of the past six months as #MeToo and #TimesUp has hit social media.

Every day women entrepreneurs in my network ask me why I blog and how to turn blogging into a powerful tool for a business. Since 2008, I have blogged only to have it become a way of life; but it wasn’t until the last couple years that sharing my blog posts through Twitter and social media would garner me a larger platform to share my feminist views with others. Using the #MeToo hashtag has opened the doors for more interviews, community connections and conversations than I ever had before the hashtag was created. It has been a powerful way to connect with women all over the world on a common topic.

I shared this point of view with a woman entrepreneur today who is starting to blog more regularly but looking for additional ways to get viewers. I told her the secret to success is to be aware of current trending topics, being authentic in writing about a topic that relates to your personal or professional life and then sharing it with large online audiences. I don’t blog to make money or be famous, I have always blogged to educate and empower women. When you don’t have the singing prowess of the Grammy performers, you do have a voice to share your message verbally or in written word like this written blurb from Pink.

I am continually grateful for the women like Pink and Kesha who can sing out the pain, interviewers like Oprah who can hold conversations with survivors and athletes like Billie Jean King who can use their sports platform to speak the truth. For some of us, writing and blogging is the best way to reach an audience looking to hear what we want to share. With that being said, I have to prepare for an interview with a local news team in a few moments about my #MeToo moments. They couldn’t have found me if I wasn’t willing to speak out, write and blog about my experiences. I suggest you do the same.

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