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Women – How the Love of Sports Can Enrich Your World

January 15, 2018

Inspiration for women and females

It all began attempting to schuss down the ski slopes when I was 7 years old, learning how to water ski when I was 9 and sailing at 12. My love for sports was most likely a genetic predisposition being born to two physical education teachers and coaches who owned a ski shop while living next to a beautiful lake. We never watched television on cold winter or hot summer days we were outside living the life of sports enthusiasts. Forty years later it make perfect sense I get high going outside in any temperature to ski, swim or run.

Not only did we participate in many sports, we loved watching sports. My parent’s ski shop basement, where we waxed skis for customers, always had an aerial ski jumping athlete attempting big air. I watched excitedly really wishing I could do that one day but that kind of ski opportunities weren’t available for girls back in 1972. But I could dream and attempt some jumps on a snowy mogul hill run one afternoon. No wonder I love watching Shaun White with all his tricks.

Down the street was a country club where my friend Lynda and I would challenge each other in a round of tennis while other girl friends were doing something else. We were as competitive as Billie Jean King and Chris Evert thinking we were playing the Wimbleton 1973 match against each other. My friend beat me and it took me a week to talk to her again! 3 years later you would find us watching the 1976 Olympics as Nadia Comancei won gold. My friend Lynda was an elite gymnast who would leave our school for a year to train and live in Pennsylvania with her coach for a year. Oh, how I missed my sports buddy.

Whether it was cheering for the Los Angeles Dodgers while my family cheered on the Yankees or me cheering on Fran Trankenton and the Minnestota Vikings while the popular Dallas Cowboys had my family’s heart, sports has always been an instrumental part of my life and spirit. It is no wonder I didn’t have a complete meltdown when I got to run in the 2017 Boston Marathon with the one and only Kathrine Switzer, a female icon in sports for so many women.

I challenge any woman looking for inspiration and empowerment to start watching and participating in more sports. We need you to also fill the stands of women’s sporting events and motivate your young daughters, nieces and granddaughters to get involved with sports. I can tell you after a 53 year love affair with sports as a spectator and participant that my life has been enriched beyond measure.

In 2018, I hope you are inspired to not only watch the February Olympics but to get out there and start participating in sports. You don’t have to do high flying aerial tricks or speed down hills like my favorite Olympian Erin Hamlin but get out there breath in the fresh air, give your body a boost and you’ll find your spirit and heart are elevated to a new high.

All I can say in closing is, “Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the gift of the love of sports.”

P.S. If want to join us on January 21st in Syracuse as we try to break the attendance record at the SU Women’s Basketball Game, click here and join us. Bring some women and girls with you.

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  1. January 15, 2018 2:52 pm

    Couldn’t agree more Tracy! I have loved, played, and watched sports from a young age…and I encouraged my children to do the same. I played basketball and volleyball from elementary school on through high school. My kids did everything from fastpitch and baseball, to football, basketball, golf, ski club and so much more. I think a love of sports and the belief in rules and fair play carries over into all aspects of life. And promoting women in sports is a great cause. Now on to the Olympics!!!


    • January 15, 2018 4:15 pm

      Kimberly: I thought of you yesterday when Pittsburgh was playing. Now I can think of you when I’m doing other sports we like together and while watching the Olympics. Make sure to cheer on Erin Hamlin from near my hometown in the Mohawk Valley. She is fabulous.


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