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Inspiration for a Frigid Business Day: “Ode to E.X.”

January 5, 2018

On a cold..darn cold day..when working alongside my large 7′ window as I watch the thin snow bands slide by, I find inspiration in the simple things like listening to my favorite musician Dave Matthews, watching my son’s tropical fish swim happily in warm water or read an old poem created as a Christmas gift to surprise the son waiting for his first cell phone. Besides enjoying these pleasures, I am working on a significant local Women’s March and helping to fill the Carrier Dome on January 21st to help break attendance for the Syracuse University women’s basketball team.

Pleasure constantly comes and goes. When I think about how cold my fingers are trying to type this blog post or the numbness setting in my toes, the pleasure is gone; but as soon as I focus in on Dave’s music, glance at nature or remember fond memories of the heart pleasure returns. When thinking about how to be a better woman entrepreneur in 2018, I take clues from this Ying and Yang always working to improve my services, products and programs for my constituents while avoiding anything that might disenfranchise them from my company. Life is a balance. Warmth is a balance (especially today).

I have been avoiding putting my writing, which so many people love, into books or speech form. 2018 might have to be the year I incorporate that into my professional repertoire while fighting for women’s rights, pay inequality changes, getting more people in the seats at women’s sporting events and promoting women entrepreneurs. We must work on our core services and revenue generators while finding time in the cold of the day to plan for something new (besides a heat wave).

To inspire you to work and be creative on this chilly day, I am sharing that special poem that delighted my son one Christmas Day telling him he was getting a phone without coming out and handing it to him. I hope the humor and creative writing warms your heart and stirs your own imagination to create new products, services or goals for your own business. Here we go:

What I Love About E.X.

When I want something fast, I call Fed Ex.
When I want fun that lasts, I call little Lex.
When I am pretty hungry, I grab the Chex.
That’s why I love E.X.

When I’m hungry, I go to Boom Boom Mex Mex.
When it’s bball and I’m not starting, it’s “what the hex?”
When I call my brother, it’s come on “Tbone-Rex.”
That’s why I love E.X.

But the number one reason I love E.X.
is not about Fed Ex, Lex or Chex Mex,
It’s about how it makes me feel instantly known,
connected and not so far out and alone.

My true love for E.X. has to do with the T’s
the one in the front and the one at the end,
the full spelling of which will make my knees bend,
as I type my first words and ask it to send.

Oh, I’ve waited forever to enjoy this E.X.
all summer at Boom Boom Mex Mex and with Lex.
I know I’ll have less time to eat my Chex Mex
because my fingers will be busy as I finally TEXT.

Lex = Cousin Lexie
Boom Boom Mex Mex = Restaurant in Camillus New York
Dave Matthews = My favorite

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