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The Flow of Business Planning

November 15, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration and Advice for Women, Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

As the road led around curves, up hills and into the Adirondack Park, the vista became spotted with tall pine trees, deer munching on greens alongside the road, silent lakes abandoned from summer joy and grey gloomy skies. I had promised myself I would support a dear friend at her annual Retreat for women giving myself a gift of reflection as another business year draws to an end. When else would I have time to contemplate an amazing year of activity, fearlessness and growth?

The moment I opened the car door, letting the warm air of a three hour drive release into the crisp 13 degree air of Blue Mountain Lake, I felt the surge of positive energy hit me. I was in the right place at the right time and excited to learn from my friend, the other women and myself. The main log cabin had a crackling fireplace, full-size glass windows peering out to calm waters and the smell of pine. I heard women converse in another room, laughing and sharing already. I was eager to join them and partake in the discussion.

The theme of “clarity” or “clearing away” was introduced in every exercise, artistic options and group dialogs during the Retreat. Every woman was there needing lucidity in their business or personal lives. I was there to ponder this next stage in my life as an empty nester and 22 year woman entrepreneur being pulled towards more equality and women’s rights issues. We were all there to create a flow of feelings and intellectual thoughts without resistance that would lead us forward.

We were invited to take breaks in nature at points throughout the day. It was hard not to be drawn outside to the beautiful calm lake with lapping water. I sat on a dock, like I had growing up, thinking back on my life and forward. The water had a way of bringing up memories. After taking in the recollections, I walked up a hill to a beautiful bubbling stream rushing downhill. The flow of the water, stillness of the air and gurgling of nature enveloped me into a cocoon of hope. Flowing out were old emotions, flowing in was enlightened future ideas. How could Mother Nature produce such profound insight?

Every day gave us a chance to embrace another woman’s past, current situation and hope for her future. Dreams of a stronger marriage, empty nest lifestyle, changes in profession and becoming healthier were just a few of my new friend’s hopes. On the last morning as we said good-bye, we held hands in a circle acknowledging the women we met, the quality time spent together and a new awareness for our lives. It was a circle of fulfillment.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to soak into this visual putting yourself in my spot as I journeyed to this special place, witnessing the beauty, freshness and hope for a different and yet blessed future. Once in awhile, we need to go “off track” into serenity to contemplate, plan and hope forward. Like the crystal clear stream, we aren’t mean to be stagnate but to move, flow and change overtime. We often feel stuck when we stop ourselves from moving forward. I hope you do so today in peace and hope.

I wish you a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Remember to be thankful for your personal entrepreneurial life that flows everyday with new possibilities.

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