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The New Girls Network – Prying the Darn Door Open

October 12, 2017

Inspiration and Wisdom for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Politics, Women Leaders

More than a decade ago I was asked by two upcoming male leaders in my town to create a special program for business professionals age 40 and under. The program would educate and network this younger group of men and women with other professionals their age to help them advance together. With all my enthusiasm, I lent my creative energy, time and effort to this cause as I do with everything. I promised I would work at this volunteer leadership role for a year. My goal and understanding was once I “proved” that I was a good event planner that I would be able to secure some paid event planning work for the future. It seemed fair and worth the risk. I myself was a under 40 entrepreneur at the time.

The program was a success and after a year I approached these men to talk about getting a paid event. The answer was simply, “no thanks” and the conversation door shut. As I tried to “pry” it open I realized they never intended to give me work. Why? In my sincere opinion, it was because I was not a member of their “boy’s network.” I remember saying to myself, “Tracy you were used.” But one side of me said, “Well at least you helped others for a year while being used.”

Fast forward 15 years later and these male leaders have become a strong hold in town. I have watched as “small business” under their leadership has not seemed as important as big business. I think again to my experience with them. It resonates. Then I hear they are using their male persuasion in an important political race supporting one of their “own” while sharing negative tales about the female opponent. When I hear the back story of this attempt, I am transported directly back to the door that closed in my face that day.

I’m really tired of men winning – or should I say more honestly – women not winning when they should because men are trying to stop them. Our world will never, ever change if women don’t create and support a “New Girls Network” of their own, supporting and giving priority to women running for office, leadership roles on boards and buying from women owned businesses first. Enough time has passed. It is TIME for women to stand up and truly support women and not be fooled anymore. If women don’t stand up for women, who will?

I’m fired up. I have been fired up since Hillary lost. I’m fired up every time a female leader speaks at one of my events or advances in her career to the top level. I’m fired up with two twenty year old girls tell me boys make fun of them because they play rugby. I’m fired up to get this world swinging towards the positive for women. Will you help me pry open that darn door and let more women into the room to lead? I need you. Women need you. Women need us!

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  1. October 12, 2017 2:38 pm

    There is no doubt….We are Stronger Together!


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