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Set Marketing Goals For Year End Success

October 10, 2017

Business and entrepreneurial advice for women business owners and female entrepreneurs

As I prepare to see my orthopedic doctor on Thursday, to hopefully give me the go ahead to run again after a hip muscle injury, I am dreaming about running. I envision myself like Forest Grump (but less hairy), taking off and running, running, running until I get to California and then returning back to New York State. Call me crazy or just a woman who really wants to run again after letting my Empire Half Marathon race come and go this weekend.

Just as I was dreaming, The Running Bug tweeted a post about “Returning to Running After an Injury” and the advice brought me back to earth. The article suggests running for only 10 minutes the first run increasing the velocity and length of runs. My “goal” of taking off on a marathon length run “cut me at the knees” and back to reality. By the end of the article I realized I needed to set incremental goals to complete my return to running.

You might wonder what this short story has to do with you and your business today so I’ll tell you. Accomplishing great marketing means setting smaller marketing goals to get you to the ultimate branding platform where the name of your business is remembered in the consumer’s mind and the marketplace.

I’d like you to think about marketing your company in these 4 bullet points today:

Big Goals
Timely Goals
Small Goals
Budget Time & Money Per Goal

Bottom line, “Balance is essential in marketing to be successful.”

I have learned the past two decades as a woman entrepreneur that time, money and priorities must be planned out wisely if one is to achieve business, financial and entrepreneurial goals. Although it can be hard to ink our desires, stick to them and see them evolve, we must begin in order to move forward. It’s mandatory to set goals, check back on goals, applaud successes, revise failures and continue to proceed in order to achieve. This is really important in marketing especially as the calendar year starts to wind down and you feel like you haven’t accomplished all your business goals yet.

Today’s post is to inspire you to stop before you start this morning and take time and set your big, timely and small marketing goals for your company for the rest of this year and then set a weekly or monthly action marketing plans to accomplish them. Setting plans, breaking them down to do-able projects and increasing your intensity of work will help you get closer to where you want to be by year’s end. Run Strong.

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