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Vibrant, Powerful Cooperation Leads to Business Success

September 13, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Advice for Women, Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

When I finally got home from a long day of appointments, I noticed a shining glimmer across from my house on the rich, green farmland. The yellow light drew me out of my car and over to the other side of the road to take a photo to capture the essence of the moment. It was too beautiful to ignore. The light felt as if it was a gift for my decision at the start of the day to lift the spirits of as many people I saw. Sometimes I challenge myself to be someone’s sunshine in a day.

About a half hour earlier I left a bustling office full of young twenty year old volunteers, blue and yellow signs and a nervous, yet optimistic energy about the day. The phones were ringing. People were speaking with strangers encouraging them to vote. Older volunteers stop by me to grab a cup of coffee and say a few words. The hustle and bustle of that office in the hour and a half I was there was upbeat. I was witnessing collaboration at its very best – when people from different parts of life come together with one common goal.

What I realized about collaboration last night was how people are willing to mutually align with others because the cause and outcome of their joint efforts are important to their beliefs and future. As Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a village to raise a child;” it also takes a many people working cooperatively towards a common end to change the community.

Collaboration is the main reason this year’s 9th Inspiring Success Retreat has a one year twist on it and renamed “POWER.” Women from different business backgrounds, sizes, products, services, revenue figures, and years in business will be intertwined for a day in one common place with one common message of working together better to make this region of New York State the most productive and successful for women business owners. We need your individual presence there to make this event work the way it is intended.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you as the bright sunlight comes through your window as you work or drive today to realize business life could be better when you come together with other women to move everyone’s business forward. Gone are the days when competition was the best way to survive and thrive in business; because we know better than that. Let today be a new dawn for you in this area of your life.

Remember to let the sunshine in, soak up its glorious rays, fill your spirit with the sense that you are not alone in entrepreneurship, but rather a part of a vibrant group of women working together towards one common goal of success for all.

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