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Let’s Get Innovative!

July 5, 2017

Business inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom, for women entrepreneurs and female business owners

Today is quiet, so quiet; I can hear the birds chirping, witness calm green leaves hanging from brown branches and hear the soft gurgle of my son’s fish tank in another room. I suppose after a day of sparkling celebrations, patriotic music, thunderous fireworks, and chatter of family memories around a campfire, it makes sense today would appear quiet.

If your business is a benefactor of July 5th being National Bikini Day, National Graham Cracker Day and National Apple Turnover Day, you might be busy promoting one of these holidays to push sales and marketing to your company. Why not cash in on one of these national holidays if you can connect to them with your business. Isn’t that what commercial holidays are about?

If your company has no connection to these holidays, here’s an idea on this quiet July 5th day, why not offer apple turnovers in your office and invite close clients to stop by for one? You could hand out boxes of graham crackers to your staff. I wouldn’t suggest wearing a bikini to work unless you are really feeling the holiday. Hopefully you see my point on how you can craft a stirring occasion for your business with excitement if you plan properly.

When I was away on a business trip, the leader of an event instructed attendees to stand up and move around a conference table, writing down ideas to take the organization to a higher level. We had to write down as many ideas as we could, moving around the table, often times being inspired by the idea written on the paper from the person before us. By the end of the 30 minute exercise, we were drained of ideas. Out of all the ideas, 10 were worth pursuing. It was a fruitful exercise for the organizer.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to be more creative with your own corporate ideas. Don’t believe innovation is dead in your business because today is quiet. On the calm days or weeks like this week, when staff and customers are still vacationing, grab a pad of paper, sit outside in the tranquil air and drop ideas on how to create more energy and excitement for your company brand, mission or industry.

If you can find a private place to do this exercise, you could actually write your list with a national flair today by capturing new ideas wearing a bikini eating both an apple turnover and graham cracker at the same time. Celebrate innovative ideas today. Get in the mood. Play and have fun and see what you imagine.

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