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Thursday Thoughts – A New Beginning is an Old Beginning’s End

June 22, 2017

Wisdom and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and female business owners.

In the past week I have shared my favorite quote – “A New Beginning is an Old Beginning’s End” – with a number of women entrepreneurs who are starting new beginnings and new entrepreneurial travels with trepidation. I think it’s impossible to step into the unknown without being nervous. It’s normal to feel abnormal when faced with change. Big or little change, it doesn’t matter. It’s new and what lies ahead is unfamiliar.

I understand how some of these women feel completely as my youngest son moves to New York City on August 1st to join his big brother there to work and live. I remember 22 years ago saying to my husband, “I know I can take what I do for a living and make money with my own company while being a mother at the same time!” I loved working around the clock to hit customer deadlines, making sales calls and marketing because I knew two handsome faces would greet my exhausted soul restoring my light and energy every day.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since my youngest son was 3 months old. He hasn’t known me working anywhere but within my business. I don’t know entrepreneurial life without it being peppered with fitting my workload into bus schedules, lacrosse games and parent-teacher meetings. I always said to my clients, “You have my 100% attention and I’ll complete every project you need me to complete but you need to trust me and let me be flexible with my work schedule.” To all of them who understood and trusted me the past two decades – “thank you!”

The favorite quote I’ve reiterated to other women is, “A New Beginning is Another Beginning’s End.” If you have a hard time ending a major contract, moving from one location to another, leaving clients to secure bigger ones, remember the phrase. If you have a hard time with endings but rejoice in beginnings, remember the phrase. Wrap yourself in the meaning and go forth embracing the next phase of whatever it is for you.

I look back with deep gratitude for the blessed personal and entrepreneurial life I have lived for twenty two years. I must admit I’m apprehensive my “new beginning” won’t be nearly as fulfilling as the past since I won’t have two beautiful sons to look at every day. Instead I’ll rely on the spark and passion I feel when I wake up every beautiful, joyful morning with a heart full of resolve to help as many women entrepreneurs as I can become successful. Life will remain good. I hope your entrepreneurial life is as rewarding!

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