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Wednesday Wisdom: Rediscover What Unites Us

May 24, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, small business, female business owners

The headlines were full this morning with news from both ends of the emotional spectrum. On one end was the glee of winners from Dancing with the Stars and The Voice with balloons dropping, smiling faces, and victorious emotions. The other end of the scale was the solemn faces of parents, friends and relatives of the victims of the Manchester Concert bombing with images of crosses, tears and resolve. Although you might not think it, the word triumphant could be used for both images.

Triumphant by definition means having won a battle or contest. This morning’s television contest winners definitely won their competitions and the people of Manchester England are hoping to triumphant over the evil that visited their community like so many other communities have done across the globe. Jubilation in the midst of an immediate triumph is seen in the first image and steadfastness and an eventual triumph is seen in the second visual. Whether people are facing bad or good times, there is always a sense of triumph carrying them through.

As New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan said in a conversation with Chris Cuomo on New Day this morning, “Communities need to rediscover what brings them together.” As always the quote hit me in an entrepreneurial sense since I’m always looking for entrepreneurial wisdom in the ordinary expression of life. What that quote meant to me was that I want all the women who belong to our great New York State organization or follow us to feel triumph in both a jubilant and serious way at times but to also rediscover the sisterhood our organization presents to create a stronger, positive community for women running their own companies.

Don’t forget you always have sister entrepreneurs in your own cities, across this state and even across the globe hoping for your success and willing to support you in your business endeavors. If there is one thing I want to do more this year is to pull together more members in intimate or smaller groups to truly connect and “rediscover” each other in a more meaningful way to strength the “ties” that bind us.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to rediscover this sisterhood Women TIES has created whether it’s through live events, blog posts, social media connections or our buying directory. I encourage you to embrace all that Women TIES is and should be for you. It might mean coming together more often at events, like the crowds gathering together in good times and bad, to emotionally connect and bond towards a common cause. Our common cause is strengthening our financial ties and economic relationships so we have our own gallery of people cheering us on or supporting us during difficult times.

Don’t let a social or educational opportunity pass without contemplating the energy you can gain from the crowd of women gathered together. Women are the best sources we have for making it in this world.

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