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Entrepreneurs and Businesses Can “Graduate” Every Monday

May 22, 2017

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, females and small business owners

People think of Mondays in various ways. Entrepreneurs jump for joy knowing the week brings unlimited revenue potential or grimacing at their “to do list.” Recent graduates, like my son, went off to work instead of learning in college since his studies are done. My husband strolled off to work wishing he had one more weekend day to fish. After witnessing many collegiate graduations since May began, I challenge every working person – woman entrepreneur or not – to think about “graduating” from the bleakness of a Monday morning to one of unlimited possibilities.

Graduating to most people is related to finishing an educational milestone but it also means to ‘move upward from one level of activity to another.’ It also means to arrange, modify, adapt or adjust. I love these other definitions of graduate/graduation because I have found it essential as a two decade business owner to always use Mondays to arrange my goals, meetings and plans for the week. Sometimes we have to adapt or adjust our normal schedule if a client demands action or if we land a new project. Other times Monday morning is a good time to set higher goals for ourselves and increasing activity in a certain business category.

Here are a few “graduating” tasks you could do today that mirror my own “course load,”

* Create a list of 5 essential tasks and do them first not last when your enthusiasm has dwindled
* Review your past client list and pick 3 old customers to reach out to about new business
* Start a new client contract first thing in the morning to get your sales blood flowing
* Make 5 phone calls to existing clients to wish them a good work week (that’s all)
* Create an event for your company instead of just signing up for one
* Promote someone else on social media Monday morning not yourself
* Sign up for a new business course, hire a coach or sign up for after work athletics

I challenge you today to graduate from the common routine to a new routine every Monday morning giving yourself a fresh breath of air and feeling of accomplishment just like recent graduates have felt. We can graduate from the normal business routine anytime we need to or just before we think we do!

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