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Inspiring a Magical Business

April 12, 2017

Wisdom, inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs and female business owners

It’s a magical time of year when suddenly green buds appear on tree branches, the yellow heads of daffodils pop up out of the ground, the once quiet cold air rings of bird chirping and from stinging our faces to basking them in warmth. Magic, enchantment, or delightful are what those of us in the Northeast feel when the grips of winter start fading.

Besides being a season of positive climatic change, spring is filled with new beginnings and celebrations like baptisms, communions, college graduations and of course special holidays like Mother’s Day. I can look outside, view the size of tree buds and tell how close my son’s birthday is since he was born the end of April. Magic continues as we dream of summer vacations, family celebrations, and attending sporting events like the Boston Marathon.

Now is the perfect time to also contemplate whether you still feel the magic about your business? Does it enchant you still? Is it as exciting to get up every morning plan your day, communicate with your customers and fuel growth? Do your customers still feel magical to you and would they say the same about their relationship with you?

If there is one thing that this beautiful season of spring gives us is the sense of rebirth, revival and resurrection. Perhaps your business has been dormant in producing new ideas, creative communication or exciting events to provide the magical touch your customers need to remember why they are affiliated with you and your company.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to think about the magic you are or are not producing and make a plan to bring something special back into your company. Look outside for inspiration, take time to walk in the warm air, pick some flowers and let creativity, passion and magic in. Enlighten and illuminate the ways you conduct business, talk to customers, handle problems or treat staff and then take action to make your ordinary ways extraordinary.

As Harry Potter author JK Rowlings states, “It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.” I wish you an especially magical season of spring personally and professionally.

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