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Monday Motivation: Starting the Business Week Off Doing Hard Tasks First

March 27, 2017

Monday Motivation and inspiration for women entrepreneurs, small business and female women business owners

Recently I had an unexpected conversation with one of our members as we spoke about her business during her annual Women TIES membership renewal call. She said, “I know I should be doing more social media marketing but honestly I love being out on sales calls more.” I told her she was lucky to have such a strong love for sales since so many women entrepreneurs prefer social media marketing exercises over direct sales activities.

I asked her where her comfort with sales came from and she said, “When I started working for my father’s company my first job was making collection calls. I did not love making those calls but honestly it made me much more comfortable in sales once I had my own business.”

I learned something from my conversation with her that I wanted to share with my readers today:

* We must embrace hard tasks – no matter what they are – to become more comfortable with them in the future. We already know what we are not good at. We are keenly aware of subject areas where we lack confidence. We certainly know the business tasks we avoid. Why not commit starting today to perform one difficult task every single morning. The small change will soon become a positive habit and make us more successful. More importantly the change will empower us as we start our day every morning.

* Pay attention to where you spend your time in your business. Social media marketing can be a time consuming activity that can distract entrepreneurs from a mirage of duties. Chart how much time you spend doing specific tasks for a week – like social media marketing – and see where you spend and value your time. You might find an imbalance in your sales and marketing duties. By becoming aware, you can adjust your work schedule to include more direct sales.

* Only in doing what we are afraid to do, do we become less scared and more confident to take on larger challenges. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you don’t try, you can’t fail; but if you fail, you get right back up and try again.” Success is in trying and failing. What are you willing to try and fail at today to have a more successful business day?

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