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Preparation is the Key to Success in Business, Sports and Life

March 16, 2017

Inspiration for women business owners, entrepreneurs and runners

On a warm summer August day, I received an invitation to participate in a historic American event. My first reaction was disbelief in being invited. The second thought was “no way” could I partake in such a lofty goal and occasion. The third response was “okay, let’s do this” and accepting the invitation a couple days later. Now 32 days to go to this momentous experience, my heart is racing faster as I envision myself partaking in this very big dream.

Preparation is essential in major events in life. People prepare to enter college by taking SAT tests. Expecting parents prepare for their first child by attending Lamaze classes. Sixteen year olds practice for their driver’s test. Almost everything in life that is new takes preparation.

Although I was a business major in college, I also needed to get ready to become an entrepreneur by taking additional courses through the SBDC to gain additional knowledge. I spoke to successful entrepreneurs who had made it past their first couple hard years in business. I didn’t expect I could just open the door to my business, walk inside all ready to go without some preparation.

With 32 days to go until I run my first ever marathon, the most popular one in the United States of America – the Boston Marathon, I am starting to feel my heart beat faster, my mind question the decision and my legs start shaking. Have I prepared enough? Will I be ready? Most importantly will my 52 year old body carry me through to the end? Will I raise the last $1,600 for my charity bib to support

When we doubt our preparedness for any big attempt, we must remind ourselves of what we have done to get ready. I have run increasing miles since September. I hired a coach to train me. I have altered my diet. I have surrounded myself with like-minded women who will run beside me. There is nothing more I can do but get to that start line in 32 more days and run that race!

I hope today you are inspired to prepare yourself for your next big “race” – whatever that race is for you – in your personal life or business. I can tell you one thing I will be glad when the race is over and I have crossed that finish line knowing I did all I could to accomplish the feat. I hope you have the same feeling next time you cross your own big finish line.

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