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Baby Steps in Business, Life and Running

March 7, 2017

Inspiration and motivation for women, women entrepreneurs and small business owners

There was no other time but the present moment to do something I had planned on doing but hadn’t gotten around to doing yet. You know the feeling when you set a goal, see yourself accomplishing the goal and yet hesitate to get moving towards the goal. Two words reverberated in my mind, “baby steps.”

I had come across those two words “baby steps” three times yesterday. First as I started on an 11 mile run around Onondaga Lake my longest run in preparing for the 2017 Boston Marathon on a Charity Bib for, discovering my step mother with Alzheimer’s Disease finally agreed to use a walker, and talking to a beloved member of my organization faced with cancer. All three of us were taking baby steps yesterday.

As I headed out for my first “long run” towards my Boston Marathon goal which was less than 40 days, I told myself I could do my 11 miles if I took one step at a time – baby steps – of sorts to complete the 2 hour challenge. This philosophy took me easily to the half way point in ease and then back almost to the end before I needed to take baby steps the last half mile to get to the finish line. I didn’t mind taking the baby steps at the end because I had accomplished what I intended to do. Who cared whether my steps at the end of the run where large or small? I just wanted to finish the goal.

Sometimes in entrepreneurship or business we find ourselves in the same predicament. We want to grow bigger or take on a larger client or add new products and services to expand offerings but realize it will take many steps to get to the end. Smart business owners understand to accomplish any major feat sometimes it takes baby steps to start with and sometimes even in the middle when we run into problems. We don’t stop because we are faced with adversity, we just slow down, recalculating our pace and setting a new speed to get to the end goal.

There are so many comparisons in running a big race and running a company. They flood my mind every step I take. I try to harness them as I run past a calm lake through the woods and out to the light again. I pray I remember the lessons to institute in my business and share with my followers the next time I’m at my desk. Well yesterday’s lesson was definitely to remind people to remember that it is alright to use baby steps to get to the end of a really big goal. All that counts is we got it in the end!

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  1. March 7, 2017 10:57 am

    Love this! No doubt that achieving any big goal is a matter of one little step at a time! Definitely the way I do it!.


  2. March 7, 2017 11:43 am

    Thank you Kim for your comments! In business, life and sometimes sports, little steps get us there! Other times it takes great leaps of faith. In the case of my Boston Marathon run, it will take both!


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