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A Difference between Passion and Love in Business

February 14, 2017

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small business owners on Valentine’s Day


As women were streaming off the bus we had taken to Washington DC for the Women’s March on Washington, I hugged each one thanking them for trusting in my ability to get them to one of the biggest marches on DC and returning them home safely. When the trip started, I only knew 10 of the 110 women coming with me; but I opened our bus to women from the ages of 17 to 75 who wanted to passionately participate in this momentous occasion.

As women hugged me back they said, “Thank you for being so passionate about Women’s Rights,” “I am grateful for your passion to bring women together,” and “You certainly are one passionate woman entrepreneur!” It is true I have been a passionate supporter, promoter and unifier of women entrepreneurs for two decades but the reason I was hugging the women on that bus and why I took the risk to take women to Washington was because I “love” being around women and supporting their dreams, actions and goals – pure and simple.

evolveemergeWhen I worked in corporate America before becoming an entrepreneur, I didn’t get up every morning and “love” heading off to work. I “loved” having a pay check and a career I enjoyed; but it was more about doing what was expected of me at that age. It wasn’t until I turned 30 when I knew I needed to turn my work experience into a love experience by creating a company that I truly “loved” to work at each and every day even though the money wasn’t constant, finding clients was challenging and the marketplace sometime ruled my success or failure. Entrepreneurship really taught me a person can “love” their career every day.

But by the time I was 10 years into my first business, I created my second one because I had the passion to help women entrepreneurs advance and loved working with women every single day. My love for women created my feminist heart that has become my brand. Every day when my husband goes off to work at a corporate job he has succeeded at for 28 years, I know he is jealous of leaving me behind to joyously starting my day.

On this Valentine’s Day, think about why you “love” being in business, the clients you “love” and the world you are trying to change for the better. You can be passionate about many things in life but to be a successful entrepreneur from the inside out, you must “love” what you do and the people you serve. When you do, every day is Valentine’s Day and every morning presents you with the best gift of all – the “love” for your work and customers.

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