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Following the Curve on Your Business Road

February 1, 2017

Business advice, inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs and small businesses

Gold Fall

Gold Fall

The best business advice I ever received was from an experienced woman entrepreneur who said to me, “The best thing you can do for your business is to follow the curve in the road when it appears.” I was too new in business to understand what she meant; but 22 years later after hitting big curves in my entrepreneurial career, I know I need to ease into the bend.

This week I had conversations with a couple women about the curves trying to modify their current path. After a quarter century in business one entrepreneur is finally going big time, adding staff and claiming national business. Another woman after two years of unexpected personal strife and five years in business is finally leaning into the curve to sell her business. With national news starting to spook and activate people, entrepreneurs and professionals in all career fields are wondering if their once smooth career road is going to start getting curvy.

19kraceposterA curvature naturally showed up on my road the day after the presidential election when women called me to see what Women TIES could do to support women rights more. I had to contemplate putting a “political curve” into my once only “business focused” company. Would I alienate people? Would I gain new followers? What would creating a new division to my company do to keep in line with my marketplace and focus? I saw the curve coming. I couldn’t stop it from coming. I decided to embark on the bend.

equalityWhere the bend has taken me personally is to a stronger understanding and re-commitment to my core ideal to have women supporting women in business, sports, equality and life. My company will always be focused on promoting and marketing women owned companies first and foremost but in these times it needs an “Equality Division” in addition to its four year old sister division the Women’s Athletic Network to further women’s issues across the board.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to encourage you to look at the road ahead of you and figure out if you see a natural curve in it. Are you ready to follow that curve? If you aren’t, don’t worry stay the course and in time you will know when you should make adjustments to your plan. If you are willing to see what lies around the corner, talk to others who have recently experienced the same situation and glide along with their inspiration. It might just be exhilarating taking the bend.

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  1. February 1, 2017 8:23 am

    Fabulous! So true….sometimes we even need to create the curve….thank you.


    • February 1, 2017 9:14 am

      You are right Ronnie! When the path gets too straight and long its time for bending to see what is around the corner.



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