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Using the Color White to Inspire Your Business Actions Today

December 8, 2016

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Soon we will be entrenched in snowy days when the Lake Effect Snow machine starts working and the view out the window looks like the most perfect Norman Rockwell painting. When that happens you might find yourself inspired by the clean white atmosphere of drifting snowflakes, snow laden branches and a cloudy white sky to reminisce and softly dream forward.

Did you know that before Isaac Newton, most scientists believed that white was the fundamental color of light? It wasn’t until Newton passed a white light through a prism, breaking it up into its composite colors, and then using a second prism to reassemble them that he discovered it value. It’s interesting that white – although it appears to be colorless by vision – is really made up of all the colors of the rainbow.

The color white is also the color most often associated with innocence, perfection, the good, purity, cleanliness, and beginnings. Sometimes the beauty of an all white day can remind you that you can grab a blank, white sheet of paper or time to reflect, renew and realize the colors of a new future.

Mid-December can be a time of both busyness and quietness. We rush around finalizing end of the year sales, preparing paperwork for our taxes, signing holiday cards for clients, attending social functions and yet tucked within the hoopla is quiet time to contemplate colorful changes we want to create for ourselves.

Today’s post is to inspire you if you feel you are ready for changes to your future, to take out a white, blank sheet of paper and start jotting, journaling and dreaming. Use pockets of quiet time in the hustle of this season to think about your three best moments of the year and also the 3 hardest lessons of the year. Create a way to capitalize on the positive experiences and to change the hard ones so they don’t happen again; and at the same time dream of change – fresh, clean white change.

In any moment of time, we can create a blank slate and start again. Use the beauty of the fresh falling snow, the snow laden tree branches and the colorless sky to remind you there is always a way to add vibrant color to your life and business.

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