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There Is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

December 5, 2016


The theory “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” means if the public is talking about you and the comments are negative, it is still good because your name is on the top of people’s minds, keeping you relevant in the marketplace of a million businesses. For the most part, a woman entrepreneur, public official or popular community member can’t depend on getting good press coverage for bad things for too long because the press moves on to the next hot topic.

170px-We_Can_Do_It!The question for the average woman business owner who would love to get media attention to increase sales and customers is how to get press if they aren’t doing anything extraordinary to garner attention. Some experts say the best strategy for securing excellent press coverage is about doing something unique, participating in a national headline topic, producing a revolutionary new service or rising to the top of consumer’s mind. Remember if you are doing something innovative or relevant you have to share it in the form of a press release or contacting the media. They won’t know about you unless you reach out to them. Many are looking for sources for stories.

womens_suffrage_march_450x270Right after the 2016 election results came out, I sent a press release to local media, some of who had national media reporters, about my women’s organization plans to march on DC peacefully to be seen and heard by the new administration. After the article was posted online it received close to 700 comments, not all of them positive. My mother called me to say, “I hope you aren’t getting any flack about your actions and company. I reminded her my feminist approach to life came from her and not to worry.” But since the appearance of the article online and then in Sunday’s big newspaper, I’ve had more affirming comments and women joining our trip than bad ones.

patsyandadamI was raised to believe in what I stand for – to be kind, generous, intelligent, and proactive. I don’t believe I was put on earth to keep my feelings to myself or to be too scared to not stick up for who I represent which has been women entrepreneurs the past 30 years. If making my voice heard, taking some negative comments from time to time and standing firm in my business brand then I’ll consider that spotlight as a “positive” news experience.

We still have room on our second bus of women going from Syracuse to Washington DC on January 20-21, 2017. Go to this link for details and to register

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