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Women Entrepreneurs – Is Today Just Good Ole Wednesday or Not?

November 30, 2016

Business inspiration, wisdom and advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Today is good ole “Wednesday” not Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday but just another day in the work week or is it? Most likely this is the third post you received from me this week and the reason isn’t because I want to flood your inbox but rather because I love and participate in as many marketing opportunities as I can as a small business owner if it benefits my clients or my business. Creative marketing is a key to success. This I know for a fact.

When the idea of Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday crept into the marketplace like hallmark cards, Grandparents Day and Take Your Daughter to Work Day, it was novel with little traction. Just like starting a company by the third year these post-Black Friday holidays because popular. Yesterday I received requests from ten non-for-profits asking for a donation. These “holiday” marketing programs worked and more people and organizations have gotten on board using them including me. It is hard to apologize for using creative marketing when you know it can help others and yourself.

marketingSo what about today “Good Ole Wednesday,” what are you going to do today to creatively market your business? Do you have any ideas? Were you inspired by Monday and Tuesday’s marketing programs? Most of us don’t believe we are creative enough to come up with our own marketing plans or ideas but we do if we spend some time thinking and planning. The Women TIES “Wednesday Wisdom” was created in May 2005 to bring inspiration to the lives of women entrepreneurs. Now 11 years later women love and count on it. You can create the same programs, events and ideas to bring branding, attention and information to your followers.

Today I want you to think about 3 ideas to create a new and lasting brand idea, program, event, marketing holiday, original communication piece or more by yourself or with others. Sometimes collaboration is a great way to start something big. Take a peek at the Internet for ideas. Look at Hallmark holidays. Think of what other businesses have done that you like. Test the waters and then be consistent and you might find you create the next better “Wednesday” for your customers.

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