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We Need an American Positive Only News Day

November 22, 2016

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs and the media


As I await my two adored sons to arrive for the holiday from New York City, I turned on the news to headlines about tragic school bus accidents, snowstorms and political turmoil. I didn’t need any more angst in my mind since worrying about my sons safe arrival home is taking up enough space, so I turned off the television and turned on my computer.

The first message was from a woman telling me of a generous female donor who wants to pay for the cost of one woman, who can’t afford to travel with us to Washington on January 21st, to join us. The generous offer touched my heart because I have spoken with many women who want to come but can’t afford it. In an instant the contrast of what I witnessed on television to this gift through email lifted my spirits and belief in the people of this world.

The media may paint America as this harsh, cynical, unloving place now but we know if we pay attention to our own communities, families and friends that is not the case. I believe in the good people I serve and surround myself with to be the light that carries me and our America forward. I wish the media could promise for one day to only report good, happy, positive actions of people. We could call it an “American Positive Only News Day” to bring hope back to everyone during this divisive time and Thanksgiving holiday.

heartSo today and over the Thanksgiving, remember to surround yourself with good, loving, caring people who touch your heart and make you want to change the world for the better. We can perform our own “positive media blackout” by being the voice that shares love and compassion with those we love which will hopefully ripple out into our communities and all of America. We need to love first; and then compassion will follow.

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