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Today is a Day to Blossom Women

November 10, 2016

Inspiration for women and women entrepreneurs


I closed my eyes last night with images of people in our America standing up for their rights. My youngest brothers and sister, who were Bernie Sanders fans, have risen up in protest to Donald Trump as President. They are 15 years my junior but have the same spark of tenacity for acting on their passionate beliefs. They believe in equality across the board for all races. My heart sung with proud vibes for their passion to their causes.

womanmountainAs I drifted off to sleep, I reminisced about the painful conversations I had throughout the day with women in my group who were so disappointed with the election outcome. Many of them had the same hope I had of a new tomorrow with a female president at the helm. My conversations with them were also about gathering together and creating a new forum to support more female candidates and women’s rights. A couple of them are hosting house parties to start the conversation. I will proudly attend them in support.

This morning I awoke to a popular quote from one of my Women TIES members thanking me for my words of wisdom on the election. The quote reads, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” by Anais Nin. The quote is a perfect one for anyone ready to rally for their own sense of injustice in this world. It is painful to rally. It is also painful not to do anything and feel helpless. We must rise to the occasions in our life when it matters – when we are pulled by both our heart strings and intellect. We do it peacefully. We do smart. We do it alone and together; but we do it.

WsW_pinkMy company’s new mission came to me after running one afternoon this summer. I didn’t know then what it really stood for until this morning. Women TIES new mission is “Women Supporting Women in Business, Sports, Equality and Life.” I will apply for a nonprofit status soon so I can build an organization of women who will help me in each of these special areas to change the world for women now and in the future. I will keep the images of my five nieces with me when the road gets tough with this project. I will do it smart. I will do it alone and yet together with my female friends.

sbanthony-smToday is the day for you to ask yourself, “Is today the day when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it will take to blossom?” I wear my purple and yellow button with Susan B. Anthony’s quote on it, “Failure is Impossible.”

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