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The Time is Now – Post Election Message for Women and Women Entrepreneurs

November 9, 2016

Business wisdom, inspiration and insight for women the day after the Election


There was only one important task to do in the darkness of the morning, send a text message to my two sons and husband that simply said this, “I am proud you voted for Hillary Clinton. Thank you for believing women can lead and make a difference. I love you both beyond words and am proud of you.”

Throughout my life when something didn’t go my way, it took an hour or so until I could turn my feeling of defeat into swift, raw passionate action to rally myself again. It happened once when a doctor informed me I was going to be fully bald within a month due to the illness alopecia. I cried hard driving home an hour on the Thruway wondering how I was going to run my business, stand in front of crowds and continue my lifelong love of inspiring and uniting women entrepreneurs being bald. I couldn’t imagine it. I felt I was going to lose what I held most dear in life.

At the end of the hour drive, I arrived at a friend’s house emotionally drained but with a new outlook. I explained to her the situation and heard myself say, “Losing my hair, will never allow me to lose my love for helping women entrepreneurs. I will go on. I will find a way. I will do it.” And I have….

After a blue sky, warm day yesterday surrounded by hopeful women voting for the first female president, I drove home worried about the outcome. You see, I know something that others haven’t noticed or don’t want to realize, women are not equal in everyone’s eyes. It is why I have fought tooth and nail and dedicated my time to standing in the light of that truth and asking women to support other women in business, sports, equality and life for 30 years.

electiondayrochesterYesterday when I thought the world of women I know might not need me as much because women would rise under the leadership of a first time female president, I realize today, they need me more than ever. I will be there for them more than ever before too. We will have feminist discussions. I will be more raw and honest about the support we must show to women in all aspects of life first and foremost. This is a new revolution of me. Come along if you want. Every one of our events will have a forum for speaking about women’s equality and business.

The conversation will start in Albany this Thursday and into next week in Syracuse and Binghamton at our events. I hope you sign up to join me if you didn’t plan on coming or didn’t register yet. I really want you there. Please come.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to simply tell you that this moment is the start of a new page in our herstory. Now is the time. Now is the time. Now is the time. Join me.

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  1. November 9, 2016 9:28 am

    That is right Tracy….you, and women and men like you, cannot drop the ball now. It will always be important to strive for equality for women. No one can sway me from the same. So go back to doing what you have always done…many need you!


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