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When Old Forms of Communication Lead to Success

November 2, 2016


Sitting in a warm sun filled room on a cool Tuesday morning with 20 women business owners from our state’s capital, the vineyards south of Syracuse, the quaint village of Clinton and western Rochester, the air was filled with conversation, laughter, business sharing and fresh cooked Crème Brule desserts to be served after a hardy salad entrée. Water glasses were full of cucumber and lemon tinged water to quench our thirst. Pink index cards were waiting for goals to be written on them so I can take them to Boston with me in April next year as I run a 26.2 mile distance.

annenotarthomasspeakingAfter reading that paragraph could you transport yourself into the space and “story” of yesterday? The point in writing the first paragraph was not to have you pining to be at the event but to deliver a story that transfers you into my story from yesterday. Yesterday’s presenter Anne Notarthomas of eKamria told us, “We need good stories to change someone else’s story and to invite them into a place where they pay closer attention and trust us.” By doing this in our marketing pieces, we can sell what we offer better.

wednesdaywisdomOne of the reasons I think women love this Wednesday Wisdom is because I have a creative way of pulling people into stories I tell each week that fill them with awareness, lessons and solutions to their entrepreneurship lives. The gift of creative writing wasn’t something I learned overnight, it has been a practiced skill used to enhance communication with my followers, increase my marketing reach and share my knowledge with others. By transporting my customers into my business story showing pain points and resolutions, I pull them in, allow them to live within my situation and then leave it with answers to similar problems they face.

Writing, blogging, and great communication are vital in today’s quick email/text world. As much as technology wants to change us or speed up our mode of communication, we are still humans with an interest in reading, learning and talking to others. It’s why storytelling in marketing, blogging regularly and communicating with customers in more personal ways are the avenues to success as a woman entrepreneur.

Today I want to remind you of the art form of writing and sharing your gifts with your customers through written word. If you aren’t blogging, you are missing out on the pleasure of writing a couple times a week, sharing your message in story form and increasing your outreach. If you only rely on text or phone messages to connect with important people in your business life, you are missing the gold at the end of a personal meeting. If you avoid events because they take up too much time, you are losing the ability to connect one-on-one with another woman to open up a new relationship that matters.

Accept invitations to events. Learn more about blogging. Commit to writing more. Go back to the old form of communication to open your door to new people. If you do, you might find yourself in an upcoming event with me in a room full of warm, smart women enjoying an afternoon of business wisdom. Put yourself in the story – especially our story.

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