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Pacing Yourself Towards Your Big Business Goal

October 19, 2016

Business inspiration and wisdom for women, women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Before you start reading today’s Wednesday Wisdom and think to yourself, “There goes Tracy talking about another running experience,” I want you to purposely put yourself in my shoes today as the main character of this story; but instead of imagining yourself running in sneakers on a large training goal, put yourself in your favorite shoes as you “run” your business on your way to a new goal. Ready to imagine – here we go.

It’s a beautiful warm sunny day; the sky is clear, the wind light and nothing stormy in sight. You start off “running.” Your pace is perfect. You are advancing on time to get to your “goal,” and there is nothing stopping you. The path is smooth, the view breathtaking and your energy high. All of a sudden half way to your goal the temperature starts really warming up, you start slowing down, you stumble tripping on a large stick, stop to grab a breath and wonder what am I doing? You have already forgotten what the beginning of the “run” felt like and the goal you were heading for.

You decide to turn around to go back to the start feeling like you simply can’t hit your goal, then all of a sudden you hear a voice inside say, “Turn around you are hitting that goal no matter what.” Off you go back in the direction of your goal more determined than ever to achieve it proving you are on the right path with the right accomplishment in sight.

Then all of a sudden you are 75% towards your goal when trepidation sets in again as you realize you forgot to pack supplies, supporters and essentials to get you the rest of the way. You can’t imagine you can complete the goal without these support items. Similarly today I forgot my water and asthma medicine and my progress slowed to a crawl. I’m confident if I planned better I would have sailed to the goal much easier. But honestly I got too excited to get going and ultimately made it a much harder run than it had to be. Sound familiar with any of your new business ideas?

eachdayToday’s inspirational post is meant to enlighten your own path to a big success and motivate you to be really prepared from start to end to hit the goal. You must be confident you are ready to “take-off” and then run at a pace that makes sense. Don’t allow difficult moments in the race to turn back. Stock up on supplies, money, and supporters when the going gets tough. Maintain the right pace throughout the venture to allow yourself to finish successfully.

We can get so excited about the big entrepreneurial goal envisioning the champagne flowing, trophy by our side and confetti settling around us that we forget what it truly takes to survive the journey and accomplish the goal. Be prepared, steady, confident and determined and you’ll cross that proverbial finish line.

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