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National Coffee Day, Blogging & Success Strategies

September 29, 2016

Business wisdom, insight and advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Isn’t every day National Coffee Day? Living with a father who was a Coffee Sales Manager in Portland, Maine for a wonder company called Coffee Pause, every day in our household sure was Coffee Day. He would get up, stumble in his ‘Chevy Chase’ style humor to the coffee maker, bump it a few times, open a pack of fresh coffee and sniff it like there was no tomorrow. He would start the machine contently and then stumble again to the bathroom to begin this morning routine. When you have a father who loves coffee and has a warm sense of humor, you love coffee too and see everything in a better light.

hastagOne of the keys to my blogging success is looking at Twitter every morning to see what hash tag is trending. If I’m in a creative writing mood, I put fingers to keyboard and spend 30 minutes typing up a blog post with business success strategies for entrepreneurs in a popular Twitter theme for the day….as I drink my coffee. Many people ask me how I’m motivated to blog 2-3 times a week and I share these keys with them and today with you too:

* Take a look at Twitter in the morning and see what is trending. If there is a subject that relates to your life, business, customers, or marketplace, write a short creative blog post with some of your own insight. Every blogger should have a “personality” you can see in their writings. Write with humor, seriousness, or technically.

coffeepause * Once you make writing and blogging a priority it will be something you can’t live without doing each day like sipping on your favorite cup of “Chuck” (as my family calls it since that was my Dad’s name). You must make things you don’t like to do in business habit forming like recording receipts, making sales calls, renewing customers, writing, marketing, using social media, and more.

* After you finish a morning blog, it can work for you all day long as a marketing piece shared on social media sites gaining exposure for your company as you do other entrepreneurial duties that bring in revenue. If you get “hooked” on blogging, you will make it a priority while sharing your knowledge with the world (and hopefully making connections to get together to meet new people over a cup of Chuck.)


Start today. Start right now. Go to Twitter and check out the trending hash tags. Believe you can be creative. If there aren’t any hash tags that relate to you, take a presentation, article or even client meeting materials and turn them into a short blog post. Recycle your words. Share your knowledge with the world.
When you are done, go enjoy the aroma of a hot cup of coffee on #NationalCoffeeDay.

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