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Acta Non Verba – In Business, Sports and Goals

September 23, 2016


“Acta Non Verba” was the name of my younger brothers’ band about ten years ago. The word Acta Non Verba means Actions Not Words. I never asked them why they choose that name but they were great musicians. I remember watching them play their first gig in their high school at a dance in 1998 in Kennebunkport, Maine. I was not only proud of them, I was also shocked when I walked into the gym and heard the overhead music playing “Stairway to Heaven” a song played at my high school dances in 1979. Great music lasts for generations.

bostonmarathonrunningpartnerannsageerAfter a morning run with woman entrepreneur Ann Sageer of, the first woman to sign up to run with me on a short distance towards my 261 Fearless Boston Marathon 2017 goal, she proved to me that Acta Non Verba can also be witnessed in business, sports and goals. The action of someone speaks much louder than their verbal support or written words. Running side by side with me on this journey proved to me that “women supporting women” is a truth in my life.

As my blog posts continue the next couple months, I will be regularly writing my typical small business posts to help women entrepreneurs and small businesses but I will also be highlighting some of the women who are running with me towards my goal to share their businesses with you and their success strategies as wisdom to help my blog followers.

Ann in a short period of time developed her blog into an amazing amount of followers (more than anyone I know who blogs), increased her page views, and expanded her following to a global audience. AnnSageerExpanding Ann’s blog to an international audience has led her to work with national companies, to develop recipes and provide photos from their sites. She attributes her blogging success and monetization to unique, quality content, beautiful photography, good website design, cultivating and building relationships and the use of social media.

fallleavesThanks Ann for the run down the old Erie Canal Path in Camillus, New York and for the great blogging success strategies. I hope today’s blog post inspires you to higher levels of blogging success by following Ann’s strategies, taking another person along for your “bucket list” trips and documenting your own journeys. I say Acta Non Verba might be the way to succeed in life.

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