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Each Business Day Presents A Blank Canvas

September 7, 2016


Every day we begin with a blank slate. The sky is black until it turns to dark blue than to light blue and eventually clears. The night sky starts in hues of golden yellow, soft orange, sea shell pink and lavender until it fades to black and becomes sprinkled with white stars. Even when we awaken in the morning to start another business day, we have a blank canvas to fill with whatever priorities we face, people to talk with and places to go. A blank canvas every morning is a gift.

Earlier this year when I started plans for my organization’s annual conference for members and women entrepreneurs around the state, I started with a blank canvas. I didn’t know who I was going to ask to speak, what topics they would cover or what themes would develop. Just like painting on a canvas, the colors of the event came alive with conversations and crystallized over time.

When I look at the program we created for next week’s conference, I see central themes of feminism, legacy, reinvention, communication and bonds. Each presenter helped me paint the perfect day filled with the right balance of inspiration and education by agreeing to share what they have done well so other women can succeed. The Retreat canvas is sprinkled with colors of rose, yellow and black.

The color rose will represent the positive relationships between the women who will gather as they conjure up new “pink” personal and economic ties that can be strengthened even more in the future. The color yellow will embody the radiance of the women who attend and the positivity of the day. The color black demonstrates the “strong” women come together to learn, be educated and seriously contemplate their future success.

womanpaintingToday’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you today you have a blank canvas in front of you that is ready to be painted. Just as the glowing sunrise paints the leaves on the trees with their glow, you have the ability to paint your day with whatever you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if yesterday was a bad day or if you are nervous about the future, right now be mindful of the kind of day you want to paint for yourself and your business and get to painting it.

If you haven’t signed up for our amazing event yet, I hope you will seriously consider it today since our early bird pricing ends at midnight. On this first day of autumn signaling a change in the colors that will surround us soon and before the blue night sky fades to stars, choose to join me next Thursday so you can bring your own unique hue to our beautiful annual event for women. I hope today is the most beautiful day you can paint for yourself and your company.

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