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What’s Your Moment of Business Commitment?

August 11, 2016

Business advice and wisdom for entrepreneurs


“What was your moment of commitment to your business,” was a question asked to three women entrepreneurs yesterday. The women answered the question with unique answers. One said, “It was when I started my business in debt and I knew I had no choice but to make it financially successful because I owed money.” Another one replied, “The moment I realized I didn’t have a true mission and vision for my company and it was imperative to create one to take the business to the next level.” The third one said, “When I added staff and was committed to their financial future as well as my own.”

I thought about my answer silently as the conversation continued. Would you know how to answer that question if I asked you right this minute to tell when you knew without a doubt you were committed to the financial success of your business? I’m sure your answer is as unique as the women at yesterday’s meeting.

As women business owners, we possess passions that propel us to start our companies. But as you know entrepreneurship is not easy. The road is not even, the vistas ahead unknown, the turns and curves unexpected; but at some point when we are driving down the business highway about to make a decision to get off, we stay the course. It might be because we have an “Aha” moment – a moment of commitment – when we discover we need to step up our game to keep our businesses alive.

LodgeandpondshotfromsideAs much as we need passion to keep running our companies, we need something more important – profitability. We must commit to making our enterprises that much stronger financially. It is one reason we have a Financial Roundtable at our annual Women TIES Retreat. We discuss pivotal financial moments to help women business owners recognize them and prosper from them.

Today’s business post is meant to inspire you to think about the recent or past moment when you committed to making your business better. It might have been when you decided there was nothing else you wanted to do or nowhere else you wanted to be in your career. Perhaps it was when you were tired of not making enough money, taking on the wrong clients, or keeping things too status quo to excel; those were your moments of commitment. Write them down. Keep them visible. Let them inspire you. If you don’t have one, maybe today is the day to have your moment.

Commitment is a promise, a pledge, or an obligation to something. Embrace your moments of commitment to your profession, your business, and your entrepreneurial life and make it financially better.

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