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Business, Basketball and Buckets of Inspiration

June 20, 2016

Inspiration for business owners and women entrepreneurs

lebronwinYesterday on Father’s Day my memories went back in time to 1972 learning how to throw the perfect spiral football pass and basketball free throws as a daughter of a coach without sons. I was the oldest daughter and most eager to play with Dad at anything that interested him. Off the edge of a dock, I caught my first sunfish and behind my grandfather’s house I shot a gun at a pheasant. I was most successful at the free throws out of all the things my father taught me.

ThomasandMeBostonGarden2It is no wonder after my first son was born and predicted to be 6’4” tall that he entered basketball camps and eventually became a 90% free throw shooter. It was in his genes passed down from generation to generation. My husband and I joked that every conversation with him went back to basketball – from hating broccoli (some NBA player hated broccoli too) to learning to get his driving test (this was as easy as shooting foul shots) to asking a girl to the prom (if Larry Bird took risks he could). Everything came back to basketball. It is no wonder in 2008 we ventured out to Cleveland to watch LeBron James play Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat – a dream come true.

What turned into an adventure for my son became one of the top ten memories of my life as LeBron James had a triple double and etched himself in my heart as my favorite player. I was never a hater when he moved to Miami after all I’m a woman entrepreneur who knows when the time is right to make a good move. I appreciated his willingness to try to win a NBA Championship in another town. I came to respect him even more when he came back to Cleveland to win a championship when the return was anything but easy.

blueprint - 1I knew LeBron James was going to bring that championship home to Cleveland some day and I’m glad I witnessed it last night watching the 2016 NBA Championship. I woke up this morning with three pieces of inspiration that related to the game, LeBron and my business. I hope it inspires others today.

* LeBron said in one of his interviews, “When we lost the first two games in the series, I had to go back and create a new blueprint for success.” Creating a new blueprint is a perfect idea for any entrepreneur who faces defeat and needs to “re-set” a situation and not treat it as a defeat.

* Anyone with exceptional focus, fortitude and confidence can accomplish their goals no matter what anyone else believes. It is what we believe about ourself that matters. LeBron demonstrated this not only last year in his attempt to win a NBA Championship without his valuable teammates but this year when it counted most.

* Finally, we must remember to always keep our eyes on the prize. We must work hard – harder than we imagine – to win. Nothing comes without sweat, determination and tenacity. It’s a reason I turn on ESPN to catch a LeBron interview or recap every day. I know if he can obtain his biggest goal, I can too in my business. He has helped me focus on non-confident days.

I treasure business and basketball because of my father, son and LeBron James!

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