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The Polar Vortex Inspires Better Business Practices

February 11, 2016

Business inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Far below the frozen white tundra covered by snow from the latest Polar Vortex is grass ready to grow. Although it’s buried deep, it is there ready to spring into life. Wishing away freezing temperatures and snowy precipitation just won’t do it today, it will take Mother Nature to change her ways.

As business owners we can look outside and only see white for miles and feel negative temperatures; just like we can see our same old business model and marketing outreach stagnating. I challenge you to think what is below the surface of your business ready to bud (like the grass below the snow) come spring. Do we allow outside elements to stop us or do we stop ourselves? Do we live with a million excuses or are we positively preparing for what we want?

It is so easy to freeze, to stop being creative, to stop trying to bring in the big bucks when everything around us seems buried. It is actually the perfect time to be creating, working, envisioning, and producing to bring success back home through this slow time of year. We must do what we don’t want to do and work harder than others. The advantage of being an entrepreneur in the dead of winter is in the stillness of business activity and the time it allows us for planning.

frostyfarmlandToday’s blog post is to encourage entrepreneurs to ignore the polar vortex, below zero temperatures, the slowing customer calls, the same old patterns of bringing in revenue, and catapult your attitude, vision and work habits into digging out from the white and cold into prosperity. Network more. Pick up the phone and call customers to thank them for their business. Nominate someone for an award. Hire someone new to work for you. Create a new marketing strategy. Redesign your office. Educate yourself. Celebrate the small successes of everyday business.

Don’t get entrenched, buried and motionless in this cold winter that you stop being the best business owner you can be.

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