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Business Inspiration: Raising Revenue

February 3, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Yesterday with balmy winter winds melting the snow and soft light from the low sun in the sky seemed like the perfect day to make sales calls. My spirit longed to go outside for a mid-day, mid-winter run but my mind suggested I run after I make an hour of sales calls. My mind typically out rules my heart decisions especially when it comes to revenue production.

I made a list of 10 women to call, reviewed their websites and social media marketing sites in advance so I could catch up on what they were doing and then created questions to ask so I could have an interesting and productive phone call with them. I am always interested in talking about their business before discussing mine.

After leaving 8 voice mail messages, someone finally picked up the phone. I was so grateful to hear a voice on the other end of the phone. We talked about her recent trip to Iceland, caught up on how fantastic she did in business in 2015, discussed someone who could use her services this year and shared delightful business wisdom in our 25 minute call. I hung up remembering how rewarding it is to connect with people verbally instead of through electronic communication.

With a zip in my step after talking to this woman, I finished up 2 more calls leaving more voice mail messages, created a follow-up action plan and then put on my sneakers for a run. I had accomplished one of my afternoon goals of making an hour of sales calls and it felt good.

phonecallsToday remember when it comes to revenue production let your mind out rule your heart, do some research, put pen to paper, script a dialogue and pick up the phone. In the world of a million email messages, we can’t capture the attention of prospects or repeat customers unless we act different. Set a time limit or a specific number of phone calls you want to accomplish and do not quit no matter how many no’s you get or how many voice mail messages you leave. You need to set a goal and complete it.

There is one thing that is certain – revenue will not increase because we wish or hope for it. Raising revenue and increasing sales takes a strong will, a good plan and your willingness to make the calls especially on a mid-winter day. Join us for one of our revenue focused programs this month and be further inspired.

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