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Monday Motivation: Sales, Marketing and Bucket List Plans for Entrepreneurs

January 18, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


The super cold blast of arctic air finally arrived in Central New York freezing everything in its path. It is days like these that women entrepreneurs and small business owners discover it is hard to find enthusiasm to open their doors unless they are the ski areas to our south who have been praying for snow. I’ve learned after 2 decades in business that days like today can stop any warm blooded business owner in their track and make them want to hibernate until Memorial Day. Business days like today are tough when customers aren’t willing to go outside to shop or meet up for appointments.

The only way I have battled the chill a super cold January business day can deliver is to do a few of my favorite business tasks that help me focus pass today to my future. Maybe today’s post will trigger some creative thoughts and heat up your passion to work.

* List Your Business Bucket List Items: We all have bucket list items that relate to our companies. They may include going to the biggest industry conference of the year, booking a weekend away in a warm resort to work on our business plans, calling up some old customers to warm up the relationship for new business, or take a tutorial online to increase education in a specific entrepreneurial area. Today is the day to book those plans or meetings.

* Create an Event List: List all the events you plan on attending this year to improve yourself or your business. The list could include personal or corporate events. When I took a 4 day trip to New York City last October, I realized on the ride home how long it had been since I went away to learn something new and meet new people. Now is the time to make plans for special trips in the year ahead.

* Work on a three month Marketing Plan. Sometimes it is hard to plan marketing strategies for an entire year. Make the task less complicated by focusing on your marketing strategy from now until April 1st. Make a list of to-do-tasks per week to make it manageable.

MONEY* Set a revenue and sales goal for each week this month. If you don’t feel like today is the day to make COLD calls, wait until tomorrow. You can plan your script and contact list today though. If you need inspiration on the topic of making more money and you are a woman entrepreneur, join me in Syracuse for a special revenue producing program on January 26th. You can find details out on our website.

Remember when times are tough or when weather stops the world from doing business with us, we must remember we have all the power in the world within ourselves to chart an optimistic business course. By focusing our attention on new possibilities we attract unlimited options.

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