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“A Tapestry of Thanksgiving” – Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

November 25, 2015

Business inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs


“There is something in every season, in every day, to celebrate with Thanksgiving,” is the quote by Gloria Gaither on my daily inspirational calendar this morning. As I glance out beyond my computer screen to the beautiful view out my large window that invites the indoors inside with me as I work, I am mindful of what Thanksgiving means to me as a woman entrepreneur within the morning’s quote and shimmering light.

Every day I celebrate my independence, intelligence and spirit by opening up my own business doors to a world of opportunity where I can share my knowledge, words and events with a community of amazing. smart and brave women entrepreneurs. I believe every morning for a grateful woman entrepreneur begins with being thankful for the professional path we have chosen – at times not easy or perfect or pleasant – but always rewarding in ways beyond what a corporate position can offer us.

Oh how my life has been positively enhanced by the people I have met, the places I have gone and the group I belong to because I chose to live a life of entrepreneurship. I hope you awake this beautiful new morning with the same feelings.

We have much to celebrate in every season of our business lives – the start of our companies, the growing stages when revenue is finally steady and during expansion when we move beyond thinking small to living large.

We also rejoice when we have come through a rough patch with finances, lost customers, epic fails and times when we have lost our spirit, only to rise again in thanksgiving for the gift of being women business owners. In every season, in every day, we can choose to celebrate our position in life and business.

leapoffaithToday as you get ready to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, be mindful of the daily gifts you receive as a woman entrepreneur and what running your own business has brought to your life. If it has been like mine for the past 20 years, it has been a colorful, joyful tapestry of people, places and blessings that have made life rich and worthwhile beyond words.

I wish you and the ones you love a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

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