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Entrepreneurs: What is Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

October 21, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


If you had to answer this question what would you say, “When is the last time I pushed myself past my comfort zone personally or professionally to accomplish a new feat?” Isn’t it true in life and business we feel much better living in status quo? Sometimes we don’t realize we have become complacent until one day we sense an urge to step outside of our comfort level into something new.

As a woman entrepreneur I have felt that way when I opened my first and second company doors, applied for big monetary sponsorship support, hired my first part time employee and opened up my business horizons to a state wide network of new business women. Comfort zones only become comfortable after we sit in the luxury of familiarity long enough. It appears what is new becomes old and what is old pushes us to want new again.

We might feel this way personally when we approach a major birthday milestone or see friends around us settling into new opportunities. The only way to scratch the itch of an interest brewing inside is to jump in feet first and see what happens. Many times the “jump” opens us up to a whole world of new experiences, people and lessons we couldn’t have predicted if we didn’t move out of our comfort zone.

The hardest thing to do when embarking on a new initiative, is to trust it will deliver you to a new and better place that will advance your life. It is the same thing in business. We know when activity is slowing down, customers aren’t coming back, and once popular efforts aren’t producing the same results, it is an indication we have gotten too comfortable.

open-doorToday’s post should inspire you to ask yourself this question, “What is beyond this current level of comfort in my personal or business life; and how can taking a new risk, making a positive change or stepping forward into the unknown dramatically change me for the better?” Just like when Monte Hall of Let’s Make a Deal asked a contestant, “What door do you want to claim your prize,” we need to ask ourselves what door should we open to receive our own new prize.

I guarantee behind any new door is a burst of new energy, golden opportunities and amazing new people to meet. I hope you blast right through the door of your choice and join me on the other side ready to get out of the comfortable and into a new unknown….which will eventually become our favorite new normal.

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